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Oh crud - Streak Freeze with multiple languages?

I have three languages - German, Spanish, and French. Of these, I don't care about French, so I never practice it. If I get a Streak Freeze, is it just going to be wasted on the French every time?

October 2, 2013



I don't know, but I think the streak will continue as long as you practice at least one language every day. You could try it for one day to skip French and see what happens. Or you could just delete French from the list of your languages if you don't want to learn it anymore.


I experimented a little with the Streak in combination with multiple languages a while ago. Here are the results:

PS: They are very good, you don't need to worry about anything. ;-)


How does one delete a language? I looked but couldn't find that option.


Click on the cogwheel at the top right of your page and go on "settings". Under "Account", you will find a link that's called "Reset or remove languages".

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