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  5. "Vi liker kaféen."

"Vi liker kaféen."

Translation:We like the cafe.

June 6, 2015



there isn't an accent button for this argh


If you are using the Norwegian Bokmål keyboard for PC, you can use the right alt button, then the key for "\" (If you're looking at a physical US keyboard, it will look like the "=" and "+" button) and then release them for "e."


Press the ' button once, then press the letter you want. There is your forward accent.


This is only true for keyboard languages with sticky keys (Standard US English (arguably the most common one) isn't one of them).

You can just type in an E instead, and it will accept it.


Also worth pointing out for those using the Android app, that pressing and holding the e key on the Android keyboard will bring up a pick list of all possible accented versions of it.


Works fine for me, and I've got stickey keys (the Devil's invention) disabled.


Sorrym, I meant dead keys, not sticky keys.


what is the difference between cafe and coffee?


a café/a cafe = en kafé/en kafe

a coffee = en kaffe


the place you drink coffee and the drink itself


I don't get it. Here it says kaféen with the accent, but in the previous exercise, there was no accent: kafeen. But then i got it marked wrong to write kafe instead of kafé. What is correct?


If you got marked incorrectly for writing 'kafe', then that is a mistake. Both are correct, but kafé is closer to the original French. Modern usage is to skip the accent though, as that's easier to write.

Again, both should be accepted.

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