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  5. "I used my dictionary a lot."

"I used my dictionary a lot."

Translation:Mi multe uzis mian vortaron.

June 6, 2015



i wrote "mi uzis mian vortaron ofte". using a dictionary a lot is about the same thing as using it often.


In this context it's similar. But you can say 'I eat a lot' and 'I eat often' and those have different meanings. In this context I can use my dictionary a lot when I do use it, which is not frequently. In that case saying I use it a lot will be true but saying I use it often will not be true.


Mi tre uzis mian vortaron was refused. Is there a reason I cannot use tre here?


"I very (strongly) use my…"

Tre is used with "multe" to make "very much" but by itself it just emphasizes the following word. ex: Mi tre laboremis = I was very diligent. Or mi tre ŝatas purpurajn anisidojn = I like purple ducklings a lot (as opposed to: mi ŝatas tre purpurajn…). But uzi, being transitive or something, needs another word besides the tre.

I do hope that this helps.


This helps. Thank you.


Estas vero. Kiam mi malcertas kiun senson de ia vorto, mi kontrolas la vortaron kaj tiu helpas al mi.
Sed ĝi ne helpas min per gramatiko.


can you switch multe with uzis and have it still be correct?


So it says "Mi uzis multe mian vortaron."?

I suppose, but it is a wee tad unusual.


Should i stick the adverb near the adjective hear like french and spanish tend to?

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