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I complete lessons but my stream says +0 coins

Today I did some lessons (via the Android App) and when I looked at my stream I saw this:

+0 coins

I can see similar scores for other people I follow in my stream. I know some of them are doing their excercises using the browser version.

October 2, 2013



I'm also having the same problems, and I've also seen + 0 for a couple other people in my stream as well..Also, I used the desktop version. Mozilla Firefox, in case that's relevant.

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Same problem, and lesson practices also aren't showing up correctly.


I raised a support ticket yesterday and received this message from the Duolingo team:

"Thank you so much for the report. Our engineers are working on fixing the issue. Thank you again for your patience."


Yes lesson practices seem to be either +0 or +10.


That's seems to be new behaviour which started today. Yesterday it wasn't binary like it is now: lesson +0; practice lesson +10.

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