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"Når kommer studentene fra Norge?"

Translation:When are the students coming from Norway?

June 6, 2015



DL accepts both "When are the students coming from Norway?" and "When are the students from Norway coming?". Is there a way in Norwegian to distinguish these?


I would just say "When are the Norwegian students coming?" = "Når kommer de norske studentene?" if I wanted to say the latter. The sentence "Når kommer studentene fra Norge?" might be ambiguous, but it would most often mean your first sentence, and if not, you would probably be able to tell from context.


But then you wouldn't know if the students are Norwegian or students who study Norwegian/Bokmaal/Nynorsk. Probably better to keep the kommer fra. Eh? 13Jun17


That would be "Når kommer norskstudentene?" :)


thanks. Mark


Could this sentence be used to denote future in Norwegian? As in "When will the students...?"


In a word, yes. The simple present can often be used to indicate future tense in Norwegian.

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