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  5. "I am the man!"

"I am the man!"

Translation:Mi estas la viro!

June 6, 2015



Definitely going to say this a lot. haha :-) This language will be great to learn, no gendered words and probably going to be more widely used.

Not sure I get the la being optional in some words yet though


Sorey for late response, but la is NOT optional :) or else it changes the meaning

Mi estas viro = I am a man Mi estas la viro = I am THE man

If you dont put la it completely changes the meaning :)


It was kind of funny, when I was typing this out I completely forgot what "the man" was even though I had just learned it a few clicks ago. I remembered it a few seconds later because before I had kept repeating "la viro" to myself because it was so much fun to say.


Helps that there is also the English word: Virile, an adjective meaning masculine. Vir, of course, having its roots in Latin meaning man/husband.


Why is viron not acceptable?

  • 1829

Esti ne estas tranzitiva verbo. Esti isn't a transitive verb.


How should I pronounce the "r" in "viro"? And is that the case for all words with "r"? If not, what's the rule?


The R is "rolled" in the front of the mouth, like in Spanish. And, in Esperanto, each letter makes only one sound.


A good start. Really feel like I learned something.


Does estas mean just 'am' or 'I am'? Wondering why 'Mi' does not always proceed 'estas' if it just means 'am'

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