"Ĉu vi havas kaŝnomon?"

Translation:Do you have a nickname?

June 6, 2015

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a "hiding name." I'm loving Esperanto word construction.


Oh. Now I get it. So silly, I was thinking it was like "cash" like money. For some reason it didn't remind me of cacher like in French to hide. I was trying to figure out how a cash name became a nickname, and all I could think of is that actors and rappers and writers and similar earn their living under their stage names.


This reminds me of a river in Colorado named the "Cache la Poudre" which means "cache of powder" - there must be a story behind this!


Kromnomo = nickname; kaŝnomo = pseudonym


To me this seems more like pseudonym or cryptonym.


aha, wiktionary corroborates my hazy memory (and your intuition about kaŝnomo): http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/kromnomo http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/ka%C5%9Dnomo


I thought kromnomo was another possibility for "nickname" but www.reta-vortaro.de/revo/art/nom.html seems to make it sound like it means someone's, like, middle name, or something like that. Kaŝnomo definitely makes me think first of "pseudonym" on the basis of the semantics of kaŝi.


Jes, la komputila vortaro havas salutnomo por la angla 'username'. Ankaŭ ESPDIC.


So is this only in the context of like a username online? There's a theme of internet usage in this module so I was wondering if that was it, or if it could be used to mean nickname as in conversational shortening of one's given name?


In terms of Internet use, there is a nice tension between "hide name" and "display name."


Nu, ĉe multaj lokoj enrete mi uzas la kaŝnomon Frith Ra. Estas interesa rakonto kiel mi akiris tiun


"Do you have a handle?" seems like the most appropriate translation to me.

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