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"Discussion" button won't work from my browser.

And I can't find the button altogether on the iPhone app.

I really used to rely on it when learning new grammar rules :(

June 6, 2015



The iPhone app doesn't have a discussion section, alas. If you want to read more instruction, you may want to look for external resources.

When you do see it, are you viewing it from a desktop/laptop, or your phone's browser? What do you mean by "won't work"? Is the button grayed out, or does clicking on it just not do anything?


Thanks for replying.

I am viewing it from my laptop (chrome) and I can see the button, with how many comments there are, but clicking it does nothing.

I recall being able to access the discussion on my htc phone, but that was a long time ago. It was really convenient!


hm, my first thought is you should troubleshoot flash/plugins and/or test it on a different browser. Sometimes a discussion is closed and the button is grayed out, but this sounds different.

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