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  5. "Hvornår kan du starte?"

"Hvornår kan du starte?"

Translation:When can you start?

June 6, 2015



Is "at starte" one of these "Danish-ised" english verbs or is it actually Danish? In most European languages there are a lot of words borrowed directly from English so I wonder.


Interesting question. Xneb rightly turns to Den Danske Ordbog. And "starte" (from middle English) and "begynde" (from Dutch) seem both well assimilated into Danish and to mean the same, like start and begin in English. However, I note that Danes to not seem nearly as hyper about how Danish a word might be compared to the French. French dictionaries, like Le Petit Robert list the date of entry into the French language of words and "newbies", even if commonly used, are seen as not quite French by some. Now that I think of it, kind of like the attitude of some to immigrants no matter how well "assimilated" they may be. Thanks all.


Since english, dutch and danish are all germanic languages, originating from what is modern day Denmark, they aren't really loan words but just words from a different dialect :-)


Danish DL's treatment of typos is very inconsistent. In translation exercises it regularly forgives mistakes in et/en articles as typos while in listening exercises missing any one letter results in an error message.


Danes, wouldn't you more likely use begynde here instead of starte?

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