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"Bronnfar na duaiseanna ag an gceolchoirm."

Translation:The prizes will be presented at the concert.

June 6, 2015



Is the F pronounced in the future autonomous form?


Aids to the Pronunciation of Irish noted that

{@style=font-family: 'Bunchlo Arsa GC', 'BunchloArsaGC', serif; font-style: normal; font-weight: normal; font-size: 12pt}F in the termination of the 2nd pers. sing. of the conditional, also in the autonomous forms of the future and the conditional (except in Ulster) retains its own sound.

That statement is a bit ambiguous, since it’s not clear whether the Ulster exception applies to just the autonomous conditional, or if it also applies to the autonomous future. At minimum it’s pronounced in the autonomous future in Connacht and Munster.


abair.ie seems to agree with you - the "f" is sounded in Connemara (1 bˠ ɾˠ au n̻ˠ . 0 fˠ ə ɾˠ), Dingle (1 bˠ ɾˠ oː nˠ . 0 fˠ ə ɾˠ) and Gweedore (bˠ ɾˠ o n̻ˠ ə fˠ ə ɾˠ), but the new speaker doesn't sound it.

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