"O motorista vai deixar minha vó na associação depois da festa."

Translation:The driver will leave my grandmother at the association after the party.

October 2, 2013

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Does "associacao" mean something in Portuguese other than "association"? It doesn't make a lot of sense to me in English. Thanks.


associação here means something like a club, or a group of people involved in some kind of work. It can also refer to the building where the associação is run.


Could "associação" be translated as social club? Or retirement home? "Leave my grandmother at the association" sounds weird.


Yes, maybe a social club...


In my small corner of London, UK, we have a local social club and have heard the regulars around here refer to it as "the association" or "the club".


UK: this made me think of the Royal British Legion (an association for former armed services personnel which has club rooms all over the country) or a Working Mans club, again a club room found in many towns where people can go to meet up for social events. Both might be termed 'the association' and where you might ask a driver to drop off Grandma!


Wow. I can't believe we were really expected to hear "minha vó" instead of "minha avó".


I know, I'm tired of having to slow down the sound to hmake sure I'm hearing every sound correctly


Granny and grandma is the same, isn't it?


UK usage: yes, granny or grandma both commonly used. Nan or nanny, also


I got one of the funniest Google mistranslations ever: The driver will leave my grandmother in the pool after the party.


Although less commonly used, I think they should accept "motorist" in place of driver. It's a perfectly valid and accurate translation of motorista.


Your suggested answer that "the driver would leave my grandmother TO the association" is absolute "cobblers" Duo. Unless of course the driver was donating my poor aged grandmother to an association as some sort of research item!! The fact that this blatant error is still online after 5 years is very poor. By the way my answer "The motorist will leave my grandmother at the association was marked incorrect"....which it isnt!!!


O motorista vai deixar minha avó na associação depois da festa. *Eu acredito que também esta correta esta frase*


Could somebody tell me if vo is grandfather and avo is grandmother...? ALL THE CONTRARY? Does not matter? .


Only accents make the difference: Avó or vó - grandmother; vovó or even vovozinha - granny, grandma. Avô or vô - grandfather; vovô or vovozinho - grandpa.

P.S. Zoom in (+) if you cannot see the "acento agudo" and the "acento circunflexo". With little characters difference is invisible here.


What is grandmother different from grandfather vo voa


I think that "the driver is going to drop off..." should be acceptable. What do you guys say about it?


It is colloquial Lucas and reflects the meaning. It is actually more correct than Duo's poor translation! So i would say it should be accepted, But dont hold your breath


What is wrong with "The driver will drop my grandmother off at the association after the party"?

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