"Jenta liker fargen rosa."

Translation:The girl likes the color pink.

June 6, 2015

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Is "the color pink" the only correct answer? Why "The girl likes the pink color" is incorrect?


The irony is, when this whole identity-color-for-genders thing started, they were reversed! Pink was the boy color and blue was the girl color. I'm not sure why they reversed (or when, but probably around World War II), but they did. So while pink for girls is the stereotype now, historically that hasn't always been the case.


What's the source of your statement?


Hey! I'm a girl and I like pink. There is nothing wrong with this sentence. Just because some people think that the color pink is ONLY for women, doesn't mean all people think the same. Now you don't have to say girls like pink because is sexist????


he-he, funny, because in spanish it's also rosa :)


And in Italian; in French it's rose.


I like that in Norwegian they say pink the same way as we do in my native language (Portuguese): Rosa.


In a last sentance, it used 'color' but in this one it used 'colour'. Is there a reason, or didferance for using them?


Colour is British, color is American. Us Americans drop an extra U from a few words. Armour/armor, colour/color, flavour/flavor, glamour/glamor, etc. Not sure the reasoning, but both are technically correct in English


Please, Please, that comments leave the ideological political terrain of inclusive language and its feminist referrals based on issues of politically correct. Here we are doing exercises to improve the knowledge of Norwegian grammar.


We are not here to discuss whether or not it is politically correct that girls are awarded a love for pink color and boys are awarded love for blue color.

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