"La belaj floroj estas rozkoloraj."

Translation:The beautiful flowers are pink.

June 6, 2015

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When you start getting alot of oj and aj in a sentance it starts sounding like pig latin!


Ah! Am I the only one who keeps messing up the l's and the rolled r's?!


This sentence is so hard to say.


Why does there need to be a j at the end of bela and rozkolora? why can't it just be floro, that has the j on the end? Thanks.


The agreement of the adjectives with the noun(s) they relate to is a common feature in romance languages. It shows this relation and keeps the sentence clear when there are more than one nominal group, for example in poetry or songs, where sentences can be long or complex.


Ah, that makes a bit sense now! Dankon


I translated the sentence: The beautiful flowers are coloured pink. Why is that considered incorrect?


i think you made your sentence passive and it means that someone painted them. may "the beautiful flowers are pink colored" be acceptable.


Thank you jonah_abbasi. It is indeed better to say pink colored or coloured (uk spelling).


That depends ☺. But “pink-colored” reflects the structure of “roz-koloraj” while “colored pink” does not.

In the first expression “colored” is only formally passive, meaning just “having the color [pink]” while in the second it is a true passive, implying that somebody actively colored the flowers.

(I intended to include a Union Jack character after the smiley but Duolingo reacted by trashing the whole rest of my post. So be careful with Unicode characters > 65534.)

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