"Nós não somos uma fundação."

Translation:We are not a foundation.

June 6, 2015



Meaning what?

June 6, 2015


The word "fundação" can mean (Houaiss):

instituição privada ou do Estado que é fundada na constituição de um patrimônio, buscando determinado fim em benefício da coletividade

which is close to this meaning of "foundation" (Longman):

an organization that gives or collects money to be used for special purposes, especially for charity or for medical research

So it's possible to imagine someone saying: "We are a commercial business, not a charity. We are not a foundation."

June 7, 2015


I was tempted to put We are not a charity which is a common enough English expression but cross checking only turned up "(organization) obra de caridade" which seems to be heading towards "charitable work", and with no mention of "fundação". Grrr - next time!

September 29, 2017


Right. I was thinking about Definition 2 or 4 on Wiktionary. http://en.wiktionary.org/wiki/foundation

Your definition makes much more sense.

June 8, 2015


"We do not have a foundation", would this be correct? It told me that it was wrong.

November 29, 2017


"Nós não temos uma fundação."

May 31, 2019
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