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"Jeg kommer fra Norge, jeg snakker norsk."

Translation:I come from Norway, so I speak Norwegian.

June 6, 2015



So I think if the sentence had started with 'fordi' the verb & subjekt would have interchanged, isn't it? ......i.e....

"Fordi jeg kommer fra Norge, snakker jeg norsk."


Would "så snakker jeg norsk." Be as correct as " så jeg snakker norsk"?


I don't think so. It seems as though the V-2 rule gets weird only when a sentence starts with a dependent clause. Since this sentence has two independent clauses, the word order would have to be subject then verb. I don't know for sure though


No. "Så" is not part of the second sentence, it's the conjunction between both sentences. If you would make two sentences out of it, it would become "Jeg er fra Norge. Jeg snakker norsk."

Changing the word order of the second sentence would turn it into a question: "Jeg er fra Norge. Snakker jeg norsk?"


Men hvilken norsk?


Er '... derfor snakker jeg norsk" også riktig?


I've noticed before that when the woman in the exercises pronounces "f" it often sounds like "s" - so that "fra" sounded like "sa". Is that just her or is it a general Norwegian thing?

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