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  5. "Fråga inte mig!"

"Fråga inte mig!"

Translation:Do not ask me!

June 7, 2015



Would you say 'Don't question me!' the same way?


Depending on what nuance you want, I'd translate that as Ifrågasätt mig inte! (like 'express doubt about') or Fråga inte ut mig! (like 'ask a lot of questions'; the closest translation of 'interrogate' is förhör).


So, is there a difference in meaning between fråga mig inte and fråga inte mig? (There are a heap of google hits for both phrases, and actually a lot more for fråga mig inte.) I was wondering because Duo has döda mig inte but fråga inte mig as example phrases - is it trying to teach that the word order doesn't matter much here, or something more subtle? (I can see from the search results that someone asked a similar question about döda mig inte, but that page of comments seems to be broken and won't display, so I can't see if anyone has answered there...)


Yes, I think I wrote about it under 1.2 in this topic: https://www.duolingo.com/comment/8970470 (if it doesn't help, ask again!)


Thanks Arnauti.

So if I've got it straight, fråga inte mig would be the usual way of saying this, because the phrase usually means "I don't know; I'm not the best person to ask" - but fråga mig inte would be more like "I don't want to answer that question; stop asking it of me."

And I guess döda mig inte means "don't kill me" whereas döda inte mig would be more like "hey, kill someone else, not me".

(Interestingly I think you can detect that nuance even in English if you use the Swedish word order -- although it would be extremely archaic to do so: "ask not me" and "ask me not" do seem to have the equivalent connotations, at least to my ear.)

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