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My suggestions to improve Duolingo.

I dont know where to send this to the developers, so I will write here. These are some sugestions I have to improve Duolingo:

It would be very helpfull if all the senteces in the new language were spoken (by the app). In the exercises where we select all the options, or we write in translation to that language, we don't hear the sentence. Is it possible to add an option to play a sound?

I think there should be some explanations about the grammar, there is no need to write a long text book, just some small texts according to each lesson. Maybe a box with some Wikipedia link? Wikipedia has a very good text about grammar of some languages. This would improve our learning.

The idea to make Duolingo into some sort of a game is very clever, this idea of giving a reward for our achievements keeps us using Duolingo. But what about implementing something about 'group play'? In all online games there is a way to play with friends (sometimes called 'party') so we can share our rewards (experience and money (lingots)). This would be a very fun way to make new friends or to play/study in a team.

Thats all I have for now. I hope the developers read this.

June 7, 2015



Perhaps, after we finish a style of question that doesn't already include having the language spoken to us (drop down, select the correct choices, translate text to the new language), we could have the option to have the voice speak off the correct answer as it is displayed in the box at the bottom.


Yes, that's what I meant! It would be very instructive.

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