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"Вона іде у басейн, щоб плавати."

Translation:She is going to the swimming pool to swim.

June 7, 2015



Why is it that you cannot translate this as "She goes in the pool to swim"? If "у" is "in" or "at" and in English we say, "go in the pool" when we want to be physically swimming in it, I don't understand the emphasis on "going to the pool" being the only right answer, even though they both make sense...


Just report it :)

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"She goes" should be translated as "вона ходить", like regularly. "Вона іде" is "she's going", because it's happening right now.


I find it 'more natural' and 'smoother sounding' to use 'в' іnstead of 'у' as in 'в басейн'; 'в Києві'; 'в школі'; 'в Карпатах'; 'в Канаді'; 'в хорі'; і.т.д./etc. (Too many "y's" becomes 'unnatural' sounding. Ukrainian is a musical language and it 'flows' naturally as one speaks.)


Day 5 of getting correct answers wrong

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