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  5. "I am sitting at the table."

"I am sitting at the table."

Translation:Mi sidas ĉe la tablo.

June 7, 2015



What is the difference between: Mi sidas (sur/cxe/apud) la tablo?


"sur la tablo": You're sitting on top of the table. "apud la tablo": You're sitting, and the table is so close you can touch it, but you you may not be turned towards the table. "ĉe la tablo": You are sitting close enough to the table to use it, with your body turned towards the table.


I thought in a previous lesson, i saw "apud la tablo" in a sentence, translated as "at the table" as well as "next to the table". I assumed it would be the same here. Am I mistaken? Dankon!


ĉe = at

apud = next to /close by

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