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What's in a day?

This 10pm cutoff keeps killing my streaks. It's so discouraging. I moved two time zones since signing up. And anyway, what if I'm a night owl? Then I could have the same problem with midnight. To me, once a day means between the time I get up and the time I go to bed. A little slack wouldn't hurt. Ouch!

Thank you for this free app anyway. I'm good at the daily duolingo visit, although tonight it was a minute after ten and poof. I'm into the next day. Oh, and it's a day off on the IOS app for some reason. Not here on the web site, though.

Am I making progress? Lento y seguro. Perhaps. Muy lento.

TTFN y muchas gracias.

June 7, 2015



I know neither of these are the fix you desire, but I have two suggestions anyway: try to find a time and stick with it, like ten-thirty; hit two days in a row (and give yourself some padding) by doing a lesson before and after 10; and get a streak freeze as insurance (I gave you lingots).

You are probably making progress! Does it feel like you're making progress? Slowly and surely (poco a poco?) definitely.

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