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For ones learning Esperanto , "La eta Princo" book

You can download it from google drive or just read it online :)


June 7, 2015



with the english book you are not going to need a dictionary :)


This is so helpful thank you!


You also can read this book in some laguages at: http://www.LaEtaPrinco.org


Amazing!!! Thank you!!!


You can read it here too, in several languages, online, free: http://www.laetaprinco.org


Multan dankon! Mi serĉas facilajn librojn por komencantoj!


Ĉu "la eta princo" ???


Thanks! Is the Esperanto copy provided for free or are they selling it? I can't find a physical copy on Amazon, I think it's just an ebook. I wonder if they have it in epub format? I'd buy it if they do.


EPUB version here: https://www.epublibre.org/catalogo/index/0/nuevo/todos/sin/12 It is a Spanish site (I don’t know Spanish either) but it is easy to navigate. Just click on “La eta princo” and then on “Descargar (magnet link)”. Be sure to wait some time. It happened to me that I almost waited an hour for one torrent to finish but all the other books’ torrents all finished under one minute. If you do not know what a torrent is check out “BitTorrent” at Wikipedia.


You are awesome! Yeah, I never really got on board the torrents, but I've done my research over the years and I'm very clear on the basics how it all works. So thanks, I'll have to give it a try.


If you click in my link you can download it for free, it is a file on googledrive anyone with the link can download it, I tried to convert it with calibre, but the problem is that they don't have esperanto characters, so they convert in a wrong way ... but cell phones read pdf files, you just need an app. https://drive.google.com/file/d/0B9qESZHpLQVvZGRQRDl3VzIzakk/view?usp=sharing


Yeah, I was wondering if there was an epub version either free or for sale, since the book seems to be out of print. The website linked in the pdf file is down, so I'll just use the pdf then. Thanks again! I'm glad you posted this. Odds are I wouldn't have found it myself.


It is a public domain book in most of countries , except France and USA.


Curious. Shouldn't this be either "La malgranda Princo" or "La Princeto" ?


et is an affix but it can also be used as an adjective :)


I want to add that usually "eta" is smaller than "malgranda". I usually translate "malgranda" as "small", and "eta" as "tiny".

I think "eta" has become so popular because the more logical alternative "malgrandega" sounds a bit weird. Adding -eg- to make "malgranda" even smaller feels counterintuitive. Even though it's 100% correct.

So perhaps that's why eta = malgrandega.


Okay, so you can use either granda or maleta for large then. I got it.


Amazing how much I could understand in barely a week of Esperanto. :)


Ah! One of my next projects is reading it in French, maybe i will do the Esperanto as well. Thank you!


That would be lovely :) I have a hard copy, but it would be useful to put on google drive! Thank you!

[deactivated user]

    Thank you for this. The Little Prince is my rosetta stone. I have read it in English, French and Spanish and was about to start looking for one in Esperato and... Jen ĝi! You deserve a few lingots :)


    I do this too!

    I own hard copies in French, English and Russian, and I'm slowly collecting a little stash of ebooks now as well :D


    Thanks :) , I have this book in Italian, Spanish, German, French, English , Portuguese and Esperanto lol , I just love this book :)


    Multan dankon!

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