"Hvordan går det?"

Translation:How is it going?

June 7, 2015

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Why not how does it go?


I wanted to ask the same question


it is correct tho


But still not accepted (Nov. 23, 2018)


What would "How are you doing" be in Danish? I tried this and was counted wrong. I say that often so I might need to know haha.


Hvordan har du det?


The verbs go and walk are both "går", aren't?


I cannot use this to ask about the progress of something no?


Couldn't you also say how goes it?

[deactivated user]

    In the UK, yes. On this lesson, apparently not. I've just reported it.


    So "how goes it?" doesn't work? Because I say that in english but I don't know danish, obviously, or I wouldn't be here XD


    For me this formulation was accepted. It is correct grammatically although I believe the question in any formulation is without purpose on account of the nonspecificity of ‘it’..

    [deactivated user]

      In English the 'it' can't really be specific because the question is asking someone what's happening in their life and/or how they feel about it- if you were asking about a specific aspect of their life then you'd have to substitute that in ("How goes the new job?"). I'm assuming the Danish works the same here.


      Right – which is why I always specify. If ever someone enquires to me in that way I have not a clue to what they refer thus I must answer their question with a question. It probably does not help that I am an unequivocal communicator and do not interpret well ambiguity.

      [deactivated user]

        If it helps (and I realise it might not depending on how you deal with communication generally), you can just reword this question in your head if someone asks it to "What is happening that is notable to you in your life at the moment?" Of course, if you're asked in the UK there's always the standard fall back of "Fine" or "Not bad" when it's used as effectively a greeting rather than a real question (more likely if asked by someone one is not close to).


        Those responses are always good fallbacks.


        So how will you say " how did it go?"


        Hvordan gik det?


        Why is how is it wrONG?


        Is this an idiom in Danish? Or just a literal translation (like "how is it walking")?


        No, its not an idiom... You can translate it to How is it going? This could be, the persons well being you are asking about. And also about work, progress etc. You use it completely the same way you would use How is it going?

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