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  5. "Bugün nisan bir."

"Bugün nisan bir."

Translation:Today is April 1st.

June 7, 2015



I notice that birinci is not used here. Under what circumstances would you use the ordinal?


we don't use it for dates, otherwise we use it just like English and there is an ordinal numbers skill.


The Turkish translation is wrong.

Bugün nisan bir. -> Today is April Fools' day.
Bugün 1 Nisan. -> Today is April 1st.

You cannot use this structure with other dates. If you refer to the date you should say Bugün 1 Nisan (1st of April), bugün 2 Nisan (2nd of April), etc.

You cannot simply say Bugün mayıs üç. You should say Bugün 3 Mayıs.

And month names are capitalized.


There is an ordinal numbers skill. I've done it. I didn't notice it saying not to use it for dates.


Dont you think it is not really possible to tell where not to use things? It clearly has tons of examples of where it is used, and the dates skill shows you how the dates are indicated.


I'm not looking for the course to tell me all the places something isn't used. When you say there are 'it clearly has tons of examples' do you mean in the ordinal skill notes? I don't see any use-examples. What I mean is there are notes on how to form the word first, second etc, but there actually isn't anything on how those words are used (as compared to English). Some examples like "used in talking about specific nouns, but not in dates" for example, doesn't seem like much information to add, to help people learn. You pointed me to the 'ordinal skill' like it would answer my question 'under what circumstances would you use the ordinal' - it doesn't.


we do try to improve the tips and notes all the time; although they are only available on the web, which is used by only about 15% of the users, and I believe even half of them don't read the tips...


The tips are a revelation to me and help a great deal. It was only because Turkish was not available on the mobile that I first tried using the website. I went to level 14 Spanish on the iPad, and didn't even know there were tips on the website. When I go back to my Spanish, I plan to go through all the skills tips. Such a shame they're not on the mobile versions.


No, I did not mean (or say) 'you' don't like to add information. I mean if information like that was added to the tips/notes it would be helpful. I may be unusual in that when I read the tips (I keep them), and then I go through the skill. You are completely right, that showing the skill's usage within the phrases is a good thing. It's what makes Duolingo so effective I think. It's just that sometimes, usage is clear from the phrases, and sometimes it isn't. That's when the tips come into their own.


Duolingo's idea is teaching by examples, right? I am talking about examples in the skill, in the exercises. Did I understand correctly that you meant "I don't seem to like to add information to help people to learn"? Thank you very much for your feedback, I just learned something new about myself :)


If anyone would like a weird sci-fi experience, listen to the word-by-word recording.


It is perfectly acceptable for 1st April to be written 1 April in English.

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