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A new look and feel comes to the skill tree!

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Over the last month, we've been testing a clearer way to structure the learning progress on Duolingo. We found that this new design improved the user experience according to our metrics, so today we switched all user accounts to it. It'll take a second to get used to, but we think it's ultimately a better way of understanding your language learning progress, and equally as fun.

So, what's new?

We now structure the progress in horizontal rows. When every skill in a row is completed, the row becomes unlocked. Before, we had lines between skills, and these lines lead you to unlocked skills.

For most people, this change is purely cosmetic, but a few of you may notice that some previously locked skills are now unlocked.

Why did we do this?

Most importantly, the old tree design was confusing to some language learners on Duolingo, so we settled on an easier way to display progress. In over a month of testing we saw people progress through the new trees more than through the old ones.

A second reason is that we're launching the Duolingo Language Incubator next week, a new way for the community to add languages. Here's our recent announcement about it: http://www.duolingo.com/comment/868354 As the community starts adding languages to Duolingo, we want to make it as intuitive as possible. We believe that arranging skills by rows is much easier on the course creators than having to add complex dependencies between the skills.

To (language) infinity and beyond!

4 years ago