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"I am happy that I have that opportunity to work with you."

Translation:Tá áthas orm go bhfuil an deis sin agam obair leatsa.

June 7, 2015



Is "leatsa" really necessary here? I put in "leat" and got marked wrong.


Given the lack of context, it’s not necessary, but it is typical – it expresses that that happiness comes from working with the person being spoken to rather than, say, from working with Pól.


Sorry, that was harsh! We've added this translation.


Tried both "libh" and "libhse" - both wrong. I wonder, what should've pointed me that only 2nd person singular is meant here? I imagined this phrase being said to a group of people.


I said "Tá áthas orm go bhfuil an deis sin agam chun obair leat" and I lost a heart for "chun". Why is chun for to incorrect there?


chun obair leat would normally mean "(in order) to work with you". Tháinig mé anseo chun obair leat - "I came here to work with you". It's not necessary in this exercise.


Grma. Helpful distinction.

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