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"I am happy that I have that opportunity to work with you."

Translation:Tá áthas orm go bhfuil an deis sin agam obair leatsa.

June 7, 2015



Tried both "libh" and "libhse" - both wrong. I wonder, what should've pointed me that only 2nd person singular is meant here? I imagined this phrase being said to a group of people.


Is "leatsa" really necessary here? I put in "leat" and got marked wrong.


Given the lack of context, it’s not necessary, but it is typical – it expresses that that happiness comes from working with the person being spoken to rather than, say, from working with Pól.


Sorry, that was harsh! We've added this translation.


I said "Tá áthas orm go bhfuil an deis sin agam chun obair leat" and I lost a heart for "chun". Why is chun for to incorrect there?


chun obair leat would normally mean "(in order) to work with you". Tháinig mé anseo chun obair leat - "I came here to work with you". It's not necessary in this exercise.


Grma. Helpful distinction.

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