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Certificate problem (bug)

I had enough lingots to go for a certificate, so I started by trying one in French. On about the third or fourth question, the website froze up so completely that I had to force-quit and restart. Obviously this meant I wasn't able to complete my certificate, but the 25-lingot fee was subtracted from my account anyway.

Then I switched to German and tried to do a certificate for that language, but it wouldn't even load the test, and simply subtracted the fee again.

Now my lingots are severely depleted and I haven't been allowed to take any certificate test yet. This is quite irritating. I would love it if someone could take a look at this and fix it. Thank you in advance!

October 2, 2013



OK, we made a change today that should fix this.

If anyone else has their certification test "freeze up" on them, please let me know and I'll continue to look into it.


I experienced the same problem with the French certificate. I was about 10 question in (a streak!) and Duo froze on me, then the site went down. Lost my ligots:(


We are looking in to this. Duolingo's recent burst in popularity has taxed our webservers in ways that don't cause much trouble for lessons or practice sessions, but can occasionally cause problems for the certification and placement tests. You were one of the (really) unlucky ones. :(

I'm working on it and will get a fix out as soon as I can...


OK, thanks for the prompt reply! I'll wait on the certificates for now. :)


Hey tatou I believe what JinxLeRai just said, I had also technical problems, no sound and it took ages to load the next question. I was patient enough to wait and made it through the test. :-)

Can I suggest to credit JinxLeRai the Lingos (I guess it is 2x 25), -2quite a lot of work!


Yes, we already refunded JinxLeRai and everyone who contacted us about not being able to finish the test! :)

Your sound issues are a more general problem with the site and some older web browsers. The slowness of the test is probably due to the huge amount of use we've been getting for the past week (twice what we're used to). We're making some infrastructure changes to make the site more zippy, but for now at least the tests don't crash completely. :) Thanks for the report.


Thank you, appreciate all you efforts to make DUO even better. :-)


Thanks for getting on this so quickly, it's much appreciated! Just wanted to let you know that I tried the test again and it worked flawlessly this time. :)


Hi, I just "bought" a french certificate test, but nothing ever happened, so sorry to see my 25 hard earned lingots just vaporize :(

I'm running Firefox 24 on Ubuntu Linux 12.04 LTS


I refunded your 25 lingots, kyozo. So if I understand, you bought the test from the store, but the test never started?


Yes, that is correct, I clicked the buy test button, and the lingots disappeared, but nothing else happened.


The same thing just happened to me!! I just bought it and now it won't let me take it...but now I am out of lingots and I can't take the test.... can you fix that please?


I've encountered a similar problem where the webpage froze up and i lost my 25 lingots for nothing. i have reported it in Support but I haven't got any response yet. Can you do something about it please?:)


Hi there, the lingots fairies have refunded the 25 lingots in your account. :-)


some of my lingots about 18 all of a sudden just disappeared . how do i get them back?

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