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Do "Türkler arasında" and "Türklerin arasında" mean something different?

Are "Türkler arasında" and "Türklerin arasında" both correct? Do they mean exactly the same thing? Or are they respectively translated as "I am living among Turks" and "I am living among the Turks", where the first one refers to a couple of people, whereas the latter one refers to the entire nation?

I am confused and hope someone can enlighten me :)

June 7, 2015



Türkler arasında : Among turks

Türklerin arasında : Between turks

'hope this helps!


Teşekkür ederim :)


Önemli değil :)


Errr... Am I the only one who disagrees with this?

I don't see the difference PraktoViro seems to be making here with "among" and "between". I feel no such difference when I say those sentences.

For me, the only difference in saying "Türkler" and "Türklerin" is that one is indefinite and the other is definite:

Türkler arasında = Among/Between Turks

Türklerin arasında = Among/Between THE Turks


no you are not alone :)


Thank you for the confirmation :)


Thank you very much! This is exactly what I wanted to hear, because this makes total sense to me :)

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