"Going to the beach is fun."

Translation:Naar het strand gaan is leuk.

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Why '' gaan naar het strand is leuk '' is wrong ?

3 years ago

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Because "other verbs", like the gerund, are normally placed at the end of the sentence or the part of the sentence it belongs to, e.g.:

  • Naar school fietsen is normaal - Cycling to school is normal.
  • Op vakantie gaan is leuk - Going on vacation is fun.
  • Huiswerk maken is niet leuk - Making homework is not fun.
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Let me try to understand the word order of X is fun.

The verb is "to be" and in the 3rd person singular comes second to maintain the V2 word order. In the sentence X = "Going to the beach" and in this sub-phrase the gerund "gaan" goes in at its end as it is classed as an "other verb".

To my UK ear this rather leaves "leuk" in the sort of adjectival limbo that seems to offend your Dutch ears unless you throw in one of your little multi-purpose words designed to fill in gaps. "Nog" or "te" would alter the meaning leaving the ever-popular "er" as the sole applicant,

So "Naar het strand gaan is er leuk" was my thought - was my logic wrong?

4 months ago
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