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Proposition: user-elected discussion moderators

With Oct. 9th coming up and a more user-controlled DL soon to launch, I was thinking that it would be fun if we (DL's users) be able to elect our own moderators from among us. There are different people I have noticed around in the discussions that are good with not being trolls and post good comments and discussions (I'm not nominating myself) It could be big fun election and race. I was thinking that we could even sometime vote for immersion moderators, people who could give more official authority in that sector. Just a fun idea. Of course, I know that DL has plenty of work on their hands and though they're great with being open to new ideas, there's already a lot to do.

October 2, 2013



I remember seeing a comment from a DL employee a while back, saying that they are going to make it easier to become a moderator... I haven't seen any details though.


Huh, interesting, eh what?


If anyone's interested, I can post a list of those I would vote for.

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