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  5. "I must use the bathroom."

"I must use the bathroom."

Translation:Mi devas uzi la necesejon.

June 7, 2015



Necesejon (neces + ej + o): "necesa" means * necessary* + "ej" is a suffix that indicates a place or room + o indicates a noun.

The adjective "neces" is the root to multiple other words, like the adverb "necese" with the same meaning, but also words like "necesi" that means "to be necessary" and "neceso" which means "necessity".

The necesejo is the "room for necessities".


It would be so nice if more people would post helpful hints and explanations like yours.

Most of the time pretty much every comment I read is somebody trying to be witty or funny but failing miserably.


kara sinjoro eduardo, bonvolu rekontroli vian skribaĵon. Estas "neces" anstataŭ "nieces", ĉu ne?


Autocorrection :( Dankon Dema90!


Is 'bezonas' not acceptable here?

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It is now. (May 2016)


Can we ask that other words be allowed here for "bathroom"? I suggest: 1. banejo, aŭ 2. banĉambro


The words you mention with ban- are places for bathing. Last week at NASK, we were staying in dormitory rooms with attached rooms for toilet and bathing. A woman was unable to use her own room because someone else was in there. She asked me if she could use my "banĉambro" and I was honestly shocked. There I was on a trip without my wife and some woman wants to take a shower in my room. After a few seconds, it clicked that she really needed to use the toilet and (given the often more urgent nature of such requests) this seemed perfectly reasonable.

Summary - don't say banĉambro when you mean necesejo.


OK, I think I'm piecing this together. I have found "banĉambro" and "banejo" in online dictionaries on my own; Duolingo hasn't introduced them (yet). Therefore, it seems that "banĉambro/banejo" are perfectly good words for "bathroom", but not in the use here (although this English use is arbitrary). I would translate "necesejo" to English as "restroom", or even "toilet", meaning the whole room/facility. Perhaps a change to the English sentence would be an improvement?


Learners also need to know where English is weird. It helps us avoid these traps in real life.

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This is not the place for suggestions. You need to report (flag) the lesson and make your suggestions there.

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