"Scríobhann sí an doiciméad go soiléir ach ní shíníonn an Taoiseach é."

Translation:She writes the document clearly but the Irish prime minister does not sign it.

June 7, 2015

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As an Irish man seeing the taoiseach being referred to as "the irish prime minister" hurts my soul. The taoiseach is always referred to as the taoiseach even when we speak english.


Think of it as an explanation for people who aren't from Ireland, and who need a context to understand the title of Taoiseach. Duolingo will always accept Taoiseach in English answers (you never have to write "Irish Prime Minister", Duolingo will always accept "Taoiseach").


No it doesn't. I have just entered taoiseach and it said it was irish prime minister so incorrect


Then you had some other error in your answer - your answer wasn't marked as wrong for using Taoiseach in English.


in Ireland we say taoiseach in regular conversation and never say "the Irish prime minister". How long before Duo fixes this?


There is nothing to fix. Duolingo will accept both "Taoiseach" and "Irish prime minister" in the English translation of this sentence.

"Taoiseach" is a title, "prime minister" is a role, and Bunreacht na hÉireann says An Taoiseach is teideal do cheann an Rialtais, .i. an Príomh-Aire ("The Taoiseach is the title of the head of the Government, i.e. the Prime Minister").


Aw thanks, DL! Now I know how to say this sentence I use every day.


You never know. Pól might appoint you his assistant. :)


Sounds like Brexit negotiations


I think that Taoiseach should be allowed in these translations as an Irish person never ever thinks of Prime Minister in this respect. In fact it is actually more correctly leader or chief.


Is "the Prime Minister of Ireland" an acceptable interpretation of an Taoiseach?


its not a direct translation since taoiseach means something like "chieftain", Ireland's system of government is superficially not that similar to that of a constitutional monarchy either, but in terms of coming up with an equivalent which is readily understood in the English speaking world its probably the best


Bunreacht na hÉireann specifically states that the person who has the role of Prime Minister will be given the title Taoiseach.

Airteagal 28.5.1: An Taoiseach is teideal do cheann an Rialtais, .i. an Príomh-Aire, agus sin é a bheirtear air sa Bhunreacht seo.
Article 28.5.1: The head of the Government, or Prime Minister, shall be called, and is in this Constitution referred to as, the Taoiseach.

(A more literal translation of the definitive Irish version would be "The Taoiseach is the title of the head of the Government, i.e. the Prime Minister, and that is how he is referred to in this Constitution").


Taoiseach na hÉireann ?


Taoiseach na hÉireann is a bit like saying "the American President of the United States" - it's a tautology.

There is no Taoiseach na Fraince, or Taoiseach na Breataine or Taoiseach Ceanada - the "Prime Minister of France/Britain/Canada" is Príomh-Aire na Fraince/na Breataine/Ceanada, and Taoiseach is the title given to the person who has the position of the "prime minister" in the Irish Cabinet - adding na hÉireann is redundant.

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