"A third is larger than a quarter."

Translation:Triono estas pli granda ol kvarono.

June 7, 2015


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That'd be a pretty nice troll if one would give some mathematical equations (or inequalities) to translate and they would be totally wrong. :D

June 7, 2015


Reminds me of the incident in america, where McDonald's would offer a third pound burger for the same price as Burger King's quarter pound burger. People didn't buy the McDonald's one as "1/3 is smaller than 1/4" since in 1/4 is a bigger digit...

December 30, 2017


If triono is 1/3 and kvarono is 1/4, how do you say two thirds? Five eighths?

September 29, 2016


“Du trionoj” and “kvin okonoj”. :) http://bertilow.com/pmeg/gramatiko/nombroj/o-vortoj.html#i-3h7

September 30, 2016
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