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Alternate Common Spellings and Additional Vernacular?

I've noticed a few times when Duolingo will mark certain spellings or words wrong or almost correct, when I use a common or vernacular spelling. I have been learning from a native Norwegian, so I believe the alternate spellings should also be accepted.

Here are a couple of examples:

  • Vær så god / værsågod
  • Ha det (bra, fint, etc.) / hade, hadebra, hadefint, etc.

Also, I'm wondering if a few more vernacular words can be added:

Snakkes! (We'll talk! - used for goodbye like "Vi sees!") Natta! (Cute version of "God natt!") Hallo (self-explanatory, pronounced haloo)

My friend tells me these will be more used in verbal language rather than written, but some are commonly written in everyday use and conversations.

June 7, 2015



Well, they are just that, almost correct. Marking them as anything else would be misleading.

While spelling them that way is perfectly fine if you're a 20 year old chatting or texting with friends, it gets problematic in other settings. We can't expect learners at a beginner level to intuitively know the difference, nor does the Duolingo format lend itself to explaining it on a word-for-word basis.

Another issue with allowing people to write the way they talk is the sheer amount of dialects we'd have to accommodate. It's a slippery slope... ;)


Makes sense. Thanks for the reply!

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