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Strengthening skills

Hey guys! I'm tryong to learn norway really good through duolingo and I know you have to keep strengthening tour skills to do that. I try to keep all my skills on the highest strength but i've noticed that I have to strengthen some skills twice a day!!!! When I open duolingo in the morgen I need to strengten about 9 skills and at the end of the day again. Is this the same with you guys?

I don't now if it makes a diffenence but i am in level 9 at the moment.

June 7, 2015



I think Duolingo decides "strength" based on a combination of how many times you have practiced a skill and how recently you have practiced it. If you don't practice a skill for a long time the strength will go down.

I usually practice as many times as I do new material each day. I am not even halfway through my Norwegian tree, but everything has stayed golden for me the whole time because I am always practicing as I go along.

I don't know if you noticed, but if you "practice" using the button on the tree's home page you can often strengthen more than one skill at a time. If you click on a skill before you click practice I think you only strengthen that skill. I hope this makes sense.


I always practice before I start learning new skills, even when all my skills are golden. The thing is, Norwegian skills degrade really, really fast, at least compared to French skills (haven't tried any other language).


Same for me, sometimes I strengthen a skill, then it's golden and when I refresh the page it's not golden anymore. I have no idea why, but it's not a big problem for me. It keeps me motivated to repeat the skills. :D


Same is happening to me. Since I like to keep all my skills golden, sometimes it bothers me when I have to streghten four to five skills after only one day.


Same thing for me, and it always seems to be infinitive verbs, family and possessives. None of which I have a big problem with : Oh well, free points?


Same here, as soon as I hit level 9 they all started dropping, and I had to strengthen about 15 skills all of a sudden. It is really inconsistent I've noticed. Yesterday I only had three skills I needed to strengthen, and this morning there are 19. I am so close to finishing the tree that I am just going to finish it first and strengthen it later, or I fear I might lose the motivation to finish it at all.


Same here. And something else that is wondering me. In other courses several skills can be 'upgraded' through the general 'Strengthening skills' option. But not in the Norwegian course. When I want to 'upgrade' a skill to gold I need to strengthen that particular skill. All of them separately.

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