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"Nun, dann werde ich zahlen, wenn es wieder geht."

Translation:Well, I will pay then, if it is working again.

October 2, 2013



"Well, then I'll pay as soon as it's possible again." Why isn't that considered correct?


The person won't pay as soon as it is possible again. The person will pay when it is possible. The person is not in a hurry, the person will pay later. as soon as = sobald ; Nun, dann werde ich zahlen, sobald es wieder geht.

Maybe "possible" is a bit too unliteral. Maybe it works. I haven't tried it. Literal "possible" would be: Nun, dann werde ich zahlen, wenn es wieder möglich ist.


I beg to differ. In this context, "wenn" can be interchanged with "sobald". "Ich werde bezahlen, sobald es wieder geht." means exactly the same. Because of that, "as soon as" should be considered correct.


I'd even argue that the "if" translation is wrong, because the sentence doesn't come off as a conditional sentence in the German version.


"Sobald" implies urgency, "if" does not.

Secondly, "if" implies that there is a possibility "it" may not work again. "Sobald" however does not say anything about that possibility. It is just that the reader interprits, in case "it" never works, the time of payment will never come.


Something is going is the same as something is working


why not ...........wieder funktioniert

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