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'På Vei' Series Vs. 'Ny I Norge' Series:

Hi everyone,

I've come across these two series'. They both look really good. I wanted to get one of them but I don't know which.

Could someone tell me the differences and similarities between the two? Has anyone had these books? Could you tell me what you think? In your opinion which one is better?

Once I decide on one, where would be the best place to buy the current versions? They only seem to have the old ones on Amazon:(

On this website:http://fagbokforlaget.no/ is there another series I should know about? Can I get På Vei or Ny i Norsk on this website?

If both of these are a bad option, are there any textbooks I can get for an English speaker because 'Pa Vei' and 'Ny i Norsk' seem to be only in Norwegian.

Thank you for your help! Tusen takk!

June 7, 2015



I had to use Ny i Norge when I was learning while living over there, and I seem to recall it had very little in the way of explanatory notes in it (if any at all!). I think it was clearly designed to be used in conjunction with an immersion experience, and facilitated by a teacher.

Mind you, that was 15 years ago so recent editions might be different now. Also I might have a terrible memory!!

I'm not familiar with På vei. I personally found the 'Teach Yourself Norwegian' release to be quite good when starting from scratch.


I use Mysteriet om Nils (http://www.skapago.eu/nils/). It also has a lot of explanatory notes and a children's story that builds on the previous chapter. The story definitely helps getting familiar with reading in Norwegian and they also have audio files online. Mysteriet om Nils part 2 was just recently published.

Lykke til!


Thanks! I have also seen a version for English speakers on Amazon. I think I'll try it:)


There are more series like these(at least 10 I think :D), all of those that are for beginners are A1+A2 levels(about 1000 common words + basic grammar), and all of them have their strong and weak sides. If you learn the language by yourself, I'd suggest getting a book that has English translations, such as Norsk på en to tre(by the same authors as På Vei). Otherwise... well, the best grammar notes are in Klar for Norge, the best pronunciation exercises are in Norsk for utlendinger, and Med tusen ord has pronunciations of all the words(which is very helpful too, since plenty of them don't follow the rules). :D If you're not sure which one to choose, but don't want to download any of them illegally to check, the best thing in addition to Duolingo would be this website: https://www.ntnu.edu/now It's the same stuff, but online and for free. And there are tons of additional exercises online for free as well!


I've used both and I prefer på vei. It has a lot of explanatory notes without being overwhelmed with text. I found Ny i norge to lack those necessary notes (my copy is from 5 or 6 years ago).


Thanks! I suppose I'll go with the 'På vei' series.


I've used På vei, and I'm very satisfied with it so I'm going to continue with other books by the same author, Stein på stein and Her på berget. The lessons are interesting, the workbook is useful and I must pay tribute to their effort to include people of different nations. It's lovely to hear (on audio cd) Arab or Indian person speaking norsk. :)


I'm using ''På Vei'' from my privet language school but just found ''Ny i Norge'' from the library. Seems like there are more content, explanations and pronunciations. You can always reserve from libraries if it is accessible. :) good luck

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