How did I find Esperanto?

Today I have finally started learning a new language long time no new languages. It's really awesome to start something new, I decided to start with Esperanto first. That language is wonderful. What I liked more in it, is that there are no changes in verbs conjugation so far. Because all the sentences I have studied were with the same conjugation.

For example : Li ludas / Mi ludas / Vi ludas.. The same thing.

I can learn vocabulary and everything but the biggest difficulty that I usually face with languages is how verbs are conjugated in each tense. That makes me confused, but with Esperanto, there are no changes.

There are also some words that are almost similar to those in French and Spanish. Actually, I'm very happy to start learning a new language after Spanish. Soon to start German too :)

<h1>Thank you Duolingo & Community</h1>
June 7, 2015


You like languages without conjugations within tenses ? Try Danish ! Jeg spiser, du spiser, han/hun spiser, vi spiser, I spiser, de spiser... One form of the verb for each tense, that's it. Better than english.

June 8, 2015

Thank you!! I will give it a go

June 8, 2015

Danish pronounciation is way to tough for me, though :-(

June 10, 2015

The participles might get to you, if you get confused by conjugations (I do too!) but again it's all regular so you just have to learn them. My issue isn't that they exist, just that there are so many of them!

June 8, 2015
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