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"The students do not drink wine."

Translation:Ní ólann na daltaí fíon.

June 7, 2015



GRMA to all of you. I learn as much from you as I do from the course. Although a subscriber, I only use duolingo on my phone, so there are no hints or discussions to read, other than these, and they always clarify! I wish I knew who you mystery people were! You're amazing! Iontach!


na mic leinn surely??


Daltaí is pupils no?


That's how I've always heard. dalta for pupil and mac léinn for student


Daltai for grade schoolers and mic leinn for college kids?


At the risk of going on a flight of fancy I think, dalta, (= dolt??), a person of little knowledge, whereas mac leinn is literally a son of learning. Actually I think it's an age thing so that dalta would be a learning person, but young, and mac leinn a knowledgable one. IMHO!!


I've heard they're pretty much interchangeable, about like pupil and student in English


If I'm trying to understand this sentence in the V-S-O structure, does "ní ólann" count as the verb, even though it's two separate verbs?


isn't a verb, it's a negative particle that negates the verb.


I confused ní and níl with ólann. I thought it should be níl since ólann starts with a vowel.

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