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"These cars are good."

Translation:Ĉi tiuj aŭtoj estas bonaj.

3 years ago



Can someone explain to me why it is "Ĉi tiuj aŭtoj" instead of "Ĉi tioj aŭtoj"? It is my understanding that the -u ending with correlatives refers to people and the -o ending refers to things. I'd like to clear this up before my brain gets scrambled.

1 year ago


according to my notes¹:

  • tio that thing

  • tiu that person or specific thing

so, yes, "in general", -o refers to things - but if it's a specific thing, it gets the -u-ending.

also: see the Duolingo Tips and notes for "tio" and for "tiu".

¹I took a looong break from Duolingo, and am now trying to work my way back.

1 year ago