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  5. "Tio estas vere bela."

"Tio estas vere bela."

Translation:That is really beautiful.

June 7, 2015



Does "vera" translate more to "very" or to "truthfully"?


"Vera" is "verily", "truly" or "truthfully". To say "very" you'd likely say "tre".


Can it be said as "ega bela"?


I am afraid not, for two possible reasons:

  • An adjective can (in Esperanto, and in several other languages I know) be modified only by an adverb, not by another adjective. So grammatically it would have to be “ege bela”, not “ega bela.” I am aware that in English it's possible to say “jolly good show,” “real nice evening,” “pretty good solution,” where an adjective modifies another adjective. In Esperanto this is not possible. It would have to be something like “ĉarme bona spektaklo,” “vere beleta vespero,” “sufiĉe bona solvo.”
  • “Ege (bela)” describes something pretty much near the possible maximum; some languages call it an elative. So in my opinion it is a bit more than “vere bela.” But that is a gradual difference.


"that is truly beautiful" not accepted?


Report it. Given the root word, it should be.

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