Where words originate / Language-writing

I propose a proposal. When you hover over a word, it says 'Explain' and/or 'Conjugate'. My idea is that there could also be a 'Why' (working title) button. When pressed, this button should tell you why this word is what it is, possibly through examples of similar words in different languages. Also, knowing where words come from would assist in the creation of one's own language. And if this happens at all, I know it will take a very long time indeed, but lessons on language-writing might be added. Just suggestions. Here is what Duo thinks of my idea...

October 2, 2013


This is a very complex thing and probably too big to be added to the vocabulary. Look up any word you are interested in at Wiktionary there is no need to rewrite all this information for the duo pages.

October 2, 2013

Maybe there should a tool for users for implentng this, because the DL team has no time for this. Also, i think it is not an very urgent matter, because you can find this information on the on the

October 2, 2013

I see your points. It's just everything that comes from DuoLingo is trustworthy and is presented in a friendlier way. It is also always easier to understand than anything one would find on something like Wikipedia. Thank you for your inputs, though.

October 3, 2013
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