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Coach daily goal now automatically set?

I didn't set the coach, but it now shows up very large under the Fluency rating. Is this now auto set for everyone?

June 7, 2015



It does show up for me (like before) under the fluency badge but with no goal defined (since I didn't setup it).


I did not set it up either. The XP per day graph was there without a goal defined until sometime this afternoon. Then someone (or something) set my goal to 30 per day. I know that it was not me.


Try going to this page. I can still access it, and I haven't heard about an A/B test.


Yes, I had already changed my goal from 30 to 1 immediately as soon as I saw it show up. I'd like to change it to 0, or remove the goal altogether, as it has no value to me and visually clutters my screen.

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