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  5. "Я їм хліб і м'ясо."

"Я їм хліб і м'ясо."

Translation:I eat bread and meat.

June 7, 2015



Does їм also mean- them? If so how we arrive at eat ? I'm very new to the language.


Yes, it's both. But it's not like you can actually confuse those two meanings in the sentence


Mmm-hmm ÏM=them.


There's another word that sounds like Irish. The Irish verb 'to eat' sounds similar to the Ukrainian.


Irish and Ukrainian do have a common ancestor so it's possible those words are related. When I find words in common between languages I like to look up the etymologies, for example I found that the English word "mead" evolved from the same PIE word as "мед".


Correct me if I'm wrong. An apostrophe = ъ?


Exactly. Ukrainian is a strong independant language that don't need no hard sign!


Whats the difference between їм and їсте. They both mean to eat, yet they are so different. Could someone help me out?


That's conjugation. English uses "eats" for 3rd person singular and "eat" for everything else (I eat, you eat, they eat, we eat).

In Ukranian all 6 forms are different, and the congugation for "to eat" is irregular (sure, it resembles the regular one, but not quite:

  • I eat = Я їм
  • We eat = Ми їмо
  • You(sg.) eat = Ти їси
  • You(pl.) eat = Ві їсте
  • She eats = Вона їсть
  • They eat = Вони їдять

Note that 3rd person forms are, of course, the most used in real life. The "I" form lags a bit behind, too. So, if any, you should remember at least these three: я їм, він їсть, вони їдять. You often say what you or some other "he", "she" and "they" do.


only 'You(pl.) eat = Ви їсте", not 'Ві їсте'


The word хліб confuses me, because חלב is Hebrew for milk


Can someone explain the difference between "i" and "a" as the word "and"?

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