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Do not receive lingots when leveling up.

I've reached 100 day streak today. As usual, my wallet should be added 10 lingots but I received none. Any reason why?

June 8, 2015



There was an A/B test during the last weeks about not giving lingots for 10 days streak (N.B.: different from "leveling up"), see details here.

If you were receiving them up to a few days ago and not anymore, it could be that the A/B test ended positively and they switch all users to this new settings.


I just reached a 290 day streak yesterday, and got lingots. So unless the switch started today, I think it's just another rendition of the test.


Indeed, after checking in the java console, the test seems still running.


Acctually, when I reached 90 day streak, I did not receive any lingot. I sent a response to Duolingo's stuff, but they gave me no answer.


Thus, you may be in the A/B test's group that don't receive them.

You can check it by opening the java console of your browser (while on a Duolingo page), type duo.user.attributes.ab_options expand the list and search for the entry no_lingot_streak_reward.


duo.user.attributes.ab_options.no_lingot_streak_reward is true in my session. Today I completed my 280 day streak without getting any lingots. :-( Now I know why. Thank you for your explanation! :-) But I want to let you know that I wouldn't have started maintaining my streak nine months ago if there hadn't been this great incentive.

Of course I completely understand that the count of circulating lingots has to be limited to keep the market value of a single lingot strong. For me it would be ok if there is some kind of limitation, e.g. that you can't own more than 999 lingots or that you don't get more than 25 lingots for every further 10-day-period of accomplishing your personal daily XP goal.

Also it would be very nice if there is some kind of notification if you get a lingot by someone else. Until now I see the count of lingots below my comments and answers but I can't see who has donated them. And if I don't revisit my comment I don't notice the given lingots at all. :-(



you should/could create a discussion suggesting those ideas to Duolingo staff (I'm not a staff member ;)).


Sorry, I missed to check out your first discussion link above. There are already a lot of good comments and proposals of new features how to spend lingots. For me the AB test seems to be finished - I'm earning lingots every 10-day-period again. :-)


It'd mean it's finished and the result has been negative (the test was about "not giving them anymore").

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