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June 8, 2015



Freinds:"Whats the Norwegian word for 'or'?" Me:"I have no idea." Friends:"What's the norwegian word for 'unemployment benefits?" Me: "Oh boy, I learned this!"


This is the only course I know that has taught this term. I feel like it will come in handy nonetheless.

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Norwegians (like all Scandinavians) take everything related to social security very seriously. And at least for them it works great.


The Stein På Stein books we used in my Norwegian course at University had a chapter in which they talked about the different government benefits and such.


Why is 'welfare' not an appropriate answer?


While we reluctantly accept it, it's a much broader term. The Norwegian equivalent is "velferd".

The Norwegian welfare system covers many things other than unemployment benefits, such as education and health care.


I think part of the problem is that benefits is often used pejoratively in English.


I think it literally translates as "day money".


I only typed "unemployment" and it was marked as correct..?


In the US at least it's frequently referred to as just "unemployment". Example: "He'll find a job once his unemployment runs out."


I've never heard that before, but I guess things differ across the country.


How is daily allowance different from daily wage? Should not both answers be acceptable?


Unemployment benefits are when you've lost your job, a daily wage would mean what you receive from a full day's work at your job.


I'm not sure if you feel your question was answered, but in my dialect of English, an allowance is mostly only used for what parents give their children to spend. Every family does it different. it might be a weekly allowance, or monthly. However, I'm sure if one were to sign up for unemployment benefits, and you read all the paperwork they gave you, you might see the wording, "The recipient's daily allowance may not exceed $120"


Is there a semantic difference between 'welfare' and unemployment benefits'? I'll ask my Norwegian friend if there is, but I want to see what other people here think.


I think welfare is more general, and unemployment benefits more specific.


The most important word to learn.

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