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"The girl is playing with the badger."

Translation:Pigen sidder og leger med grævlingen.

June 8, 2015



I just answered with the translation above but the solution that appeared underneath was "pigen leger med grævlingen. In earlier lessons verbs such as "playing" were translated as simply "leger". Is it usual in conversation in Denmark to add the "sidder og" or is Duolingo just being pedantic? .


Det mangler oversættelsen for "sider og" som ville være "sits and"


Why is "piger" a correct solution?


Looks like it was a typo, I have corrected it now


Technically the translation should just be "Pigen leger med grævlingen" But due to this lesson being on Progressive Aspect there are things we say, that we don't mean literally, I mean she could be sitting, but she could also just be doing it for a while. https://www.duolingo.com/skill/da/Verbs%3A-Gerund/tips-and-notes

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