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Azeri Turkish folk song, I need an English translation!

There's this folk Azeri Turkish folk song called "Gal gal".


I was wondering if anyone knows the translation for it since I can't find the lyrics.

The ones I found are in Arabic script which I can read but I'm not sure if I can make it comprehensible if I transliterate it into latinized Turkish.

OK here's my attempt to latinize (Selcen helped with most of it!)...

قرنفیلی درللر، دریب یئره سرللر

qerenfili dererler, derip yere sererler

گوزل قیزلار ایچینده، تکجه سنی سئوللر

gozel qizlar icinde

گل گل گل دینیم ایمانیم ناز ناز

gel gel gel gel , dinim imanim naz naz

گل گل گل گل قاشی کامانیم ناز ناز

gel gel gel gel, gaşi kamanim naz naz

گئجه نی قان ائیلمه، زولفونو یان ائیلمه، باغریمی قان

geceni gan kara eyleme, zülfünü yan eyleme, bağrımı kan eyleme

سن منیم سن من سنین، اوزگه خیال ایلمه

Sen benim, sen, ben senin

آراقچینین منده دی آخدارما جیبیمده دی

Aragçinin bendedi[r?] ahdar ma cibimendedi[r?]

عالم گوزله دونسه، منیم گوزوم سنده دی

alem(?) güzele dönse, benim gözüm sendedir

June 8, 2015



I have two suggestions, as you might actually find more Azeri speakers, you may consider moving this discussion to the general discussion.

And to get more help you should definitely transliterate; not only most Turkish people cannot read Persian/Arabic script, most Azeri people also cannot (except for the ones from Iran, obviously)

Here is my attempt, I googled the first words I heard and could find the first 4 lines; the rest is only what I understood.

  • qerenfili dererler, (they collect carnations)
  • derip yere sererler (they collect it and spread it on the ground)
  • gozel qizlar icinde (among the beautiful girls)
  • tekce seni severler (they only love you)
  • gel gel gel gel (come come come come)
  • dinim imanım ???
  • gel gel gel gel (come come come come)
  • başı ???
  • gecemi kara eyleme (don't make my night dark)
  • zülfünü yar eyleme (??? don't play with your hair???)
  • bağrımı kan eyleme (don't fill my cheast with blood/i.e. don't break my heart)
  • sen benim, sen benim, ben senin (You are mine, you are mine, I am yours)
  • ??? eyleme (don't ?)
  • ??? bendedir (I have the ?)
  • ??? cebimdedir (? is in my pocket)
  • alem(?) güzele dönse, (even if the whole world becomes beautiful??)
  • benim gözüm sendedir (My eyes are on you / i.e. I love you)


I really appreciate this selcen! You are the best :)


Don't fill my chest with blood?! :) Well, that is some kind of love song! :) Ay, ay, ay!


we love exaggeration, most of our love songs talk about dying, bleeding etc :D


:D Good to know! I think Arabic is this way too. :)


zülfünü yaN eyleme

bağrımı kan eyleme

sen benimsin, ben seninim

başka hayal kurma

eşarbın bendedir

arama cebimdedir


now I understand one more part with the transliteration :)

gaşi kamanim = (Turkish) kaşı kemanım = (my loved one) with eyebrows like a violin: I know this makes no sense in English but "keman kaşlı" is a complement in Turkish, it just means the person's eyebrows are perfect :)


Keman means "bow" in old Turkish. Now, you can imagine shapes of those eyebrows. :P


I'm guessing something like this? In Iran, we have a eyebrow style called "abroo kaman". It means bow-shaped brow.

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