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Introducing gear.duolingo.com!

Many community members have been asking us where they can get their hands on Duolingo shirts or stickers. Today, we are excited to announce the launch of our new Duolingo gear store where you can buy awesome Duolingo stuff. We will be adding more gear very soon, and we'll keep you posted when it is available. This is just the beginning!

All of what you see on the gear store is sold at cost. What does that mean? It means Duolingo makes no money on any of these purchases. What you pay covers our fulfillment and production costs and that's it. We do ship globally too!

So here it is! http://gear.duolingo.com (You can also find a link on the footer of the website.)

October 2, 2013




Could you add in a size chart with actual measurements?


Perhaps a competition that pays in LiGoTs, oh yeah ... could be launched for the creation of 3D files native to one of the better FREE 3D printer creation programs for the creation of 3D files from which a "Duolingo Smart Phone Case" could then be made available to everybody. This would increase the coverage over many different types of phones. Once a project like this is started, only the file is needed, of course, so that anybody can download that, and print off their own case.

The design of the case might be such that a STICKER ... could be purchased from Duolingo that is a branded certificate earned by the purchaser. And that sticker might even be printable from the Duolingo user's account, printable on "sticker making paper" that is commonly available from most big box and craft stores.

So you would have a way cool, unique, personalized phone case with a sticker on it that shows your linguistic proficiencies ... It's not just a dream, it's DUOLINGOOOOoooo ! :-)

So the design, the back of the case, would need to have in interior bezel and a depressed area inside that bezel in which to mount the sticker, and of course, one could apply a NEW sticker over the OLD sticker, when the duolingo user gets a new or upgraded certificate.


Yeah. Android too.


They could also make it into a sticker with a black or white background that can fit the most popular phones.


too bad you can't pay in lingots...


There was a whole discussion about duolingo stuff , and how people could cheat to get enough lingots to "buy" a shirt if you could pay through lingots!


Looks really good! Thank you very much for providing us such gear. =)


Seriously, this is so awesome. Put a picture of Duo or "duolingo" on anything, and I will get it. Plush toy, phone case, clothes, pencils, notepads, mugs, backpacks, accessories, you name it. I will get it. :)


If I got a Duolingo tattoo could I get a free shirt or two? For serious.


We can't make any promises :)


shirts are cheaper than tattoos, though . . .

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