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I got an answer wrong when it should have been right... Screenshot of it below.

I understand it is no big deal, but still would like to point it out:

June 8, 2015



I think that is what the flag is for, to report problems


I did report it, just sharing it because I have never seen it before.


The form exercises in the French course seem fairly buggy. I once had a "Select the missing word" where it just gave me three words to choose from, with no context whatsoever.


One of the obnoxious parts of the smartphone apps is that there doesn't appear to be a "report a problem" button. Annoying for sure.


I think there is in the Android version, although they really should add this feature to the iOS and Windows Phone versions as well.


I did report it, but just sharing it as well, I have never seen this error mentioned.


Well, both should have been correct, maybe they wanted you to select both fille and femme? Does this kind of exercise allows more than one selection?


I tried selecting both.

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