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  5. "It is a big square."

"It is a big square."

Translation:Det er en stor plads.

June 8, 2015



Why does it say the correct answer is firkant, (square the shape) rather than plads or torvet?

[deactivated user]

    A square could both be a shape and a town square, so both should be correct in Danish (firkant, plads, torv).


    Why is "Den er en stor plads" incorrect?


    Why is "Det er en stor torv" incorrect?


    torv is not an en word; it's an et word.


    Duolingo translating everything as just "square" is intentionally confusing. As an English speaker, I only use that word to refer to the shape. If they're talking about a town square, why don't they just say town square? Any why isn't "plaza" an acceptable response, since they are 100% synonymous in English and "plaza" and "plads" share the same etymology?

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